Our Staff

Head Teacher – Mrs Richardson

Principal Teacher – Mrs Somerville

Senior Childcare Development Workers – Joanne Lamb & Jodie Barclay

Childcare Development Workers  Nicola Simpson, Caroline Ramsay, Emma Moonie

Primary 1/2 Teacher – Mrs Muirhead

Primary 3/2 Teacher – Mrs Douglas

Primary 4 Teacher – Mrs Smith

Primary 5 Teacher – Mrs McFadyen (Mon/Fri) and Mrs Moffat (Tues, Wed, Thurs)

Primary 6/5 Teacher – Mrs Bernard

Primary 7 Teacher – Mr Duguid

PE and Music Teacher – Mrs McFadyen

Support for Learning – Mrs Somerville

Learning Assistants –  Mrs McCrossan,

 Mrs Ramsay, Miss Ramsay, Mrs Ragwar,

Mrs Greig, Miss Steele,  Mr Robinson     

Students – Miss Lothian and Mrs Johnstone            

Una – Admin Assistant

Jackie – Caretaker

Alison – Cook Mary – Cook’s Assistant
Ann – Dining Hall Supervisor and Cleaner

Janette – Cleaner

Lisa – Cleaner