Our School Staff 2023-24

Head Teacher –  Shona Richardson

 Principal Teachers –  Hannah Clark  &  Leanne Muirhead


Class Teacher –  Hannah Grieve

Class Teacher –  Leanne Muirhead

Class Teacher –  Lucy Watt

Class Teacher –  Jo Cassidy

Class Teacher –  Eleanor Hutchison

Class Teacher –  Hannah Clark

Class Teacher –  Linsey Moffat

Class Teacher –  Hope Wilson

Class Teacher –  Greg Peterkin

Class Teacher –  Chloe Neville

NCCT Teacher –  Jo Cassidy and  Elaine Tait

Support for Learning –   Rona Ferguson and  Victoria Thomas 


Learning Assistant –  Natalie Ramsay

Learning Assistant –  Louise Goodall

Learning Assistant –  Nicole Sharp

Learning Assistant –  Laura Turner

Learning Assistant – Rosie Jones


Home Link Teacher –  Rosemary Bowman


Senior Childcare Development Worker – Amanda Bennett

Early Years Practitioner –  Nicola Henderson

Early Years Practitioner – Gwen Howarth

Early Years Practitioner – Angel Nervida

Early Years Practitioner – Angela Owen


Admin Assistants –  Gillian Young and  Lois Campbell


Caretaker – Jim King

Dining Room Supervisor –  Ann Fernie

Cook Supervisor – Alison Kearsley

Kitchen Staff – Laura Murphy, Katrina Wilson, Sam Lamb and Stephanie Gillan

Cleaning Staff –  Ann Fernie,  Janette Fraser and Lisa Duffy