Meet the Teacher 2021

Thank you to all families who were able to join us on Wednesday 22nd September for our online Meet the Teacher sessions.  We hope you found the sessions informative and interesting.

We have saved the presentations below:

P1 Meet The Teacher September 2021

P2-1 Meet The Teacher September 2021

P3-2 Meet The Teacher September 2021

P4-3 Meet The Teacher September 2021

P5-4 Meet the Teacher September 2021

P6 Meet the Teacher September 2021

P7 Meet the Teacher September 2021

A change in Scottish Law 7.11.20

Smacking Ban
The law on all forms of physical punishment of children in Scotland changed on 7 November 2020. From this date all forms of physical punishment of children became against the law in Scotland. Scotland is the first part of the UK to ban the smacking of children.
This change in the law is about making things better for children in Scotland.

Online Numeracy & Mathematics for Parents

The National Parent Forum of Scotland is working in partnership with  ‘Count On Us’ with the Support of Education Scotland to bring 8 online numeracy and mathematics events for parents in June 2020.

These ‘Learning Together’ sessions will focus on the use of interactive and visual methods to help you and your child confidently engage with numeracy and mathematics problems, whilst supporting learning at home.

Please follow the following links to find out more:

Further information and support for parents can be found through the following links:

Parent Club Scotland 

Count On Us

Education Scotland’s ‘Scotland Learns

Learning at Home Survey

 The Child Poverty Action Group Cost of the School Day team have launched two new school closure surveys to identify what might be working well, and what could be improved upon, especially for families on low incomes. It’s a UK wide survey but the Scottish team will analyse results from a Scottish perspective.

  •  The first survey is aimed at parents and carers: seeking to hear experiences of help with food costs, support and resources available for children’s learning, help with changes in financial circumstances and support for children’s wellbeing.
  •  The second survey is aimed at children and young people: which seeks to hear experiences of learning at home, support and resources available and help with wellbeing.

We would appreciate if you and your child(ren) could complete both surveys when convenient.  Thank you!