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Rights Respecting Schools

The ‘Rights Steering Group’ would like to congratulate everyone at Rosewell on receiving their ‘Recognition of Commitment’ certificate this term! Fantastic work everyone! Please check our Rights display to have a look at the certificate. As a school, we are well on our way to achieving Level 1 status of the Rights Respecting Schools Award and we would like to share with our community, some of the things we have . . . → Read More: Rights Respecting Schools

Rights Respecting Assembly 30.5.11

Today we were remembering all the fantastic work we have done this year towards becoming a Rights Respecting School. We worked in our house teams to decide which rights should be included in our School Charter. We talked about the responsibilities that go along with these rights and we discussed how  we would like the charter to be displayed.

The teachers will put all our ideas together and we will . . . → Read More: Rights Respecting Assembly 30.5.11

Rights Respecting Schools Steering Group

This year we have merged our RRS steering group and pupil council into one as we work towards becoming a Rights Respecting School. On the group we have two representatives from each class, a parent member (Helen Thomson), a member of the community and school (Una Warden) and two teachers (Miss Thomson and Miss Milne).

So far we have completed an action plan of things we would like to do . . . → Read More: Rights Respecting Schools Steering Group

RRS Assembly and Workshop (23rd Feb 2011)

This week we were revisiting a topic that we learned about a while ago. Earlier this year we raised money and sent it to UNICEF to help with the flooding in Pakistan.

At assembly, we found out that there are still big problems in Pakistan, 6 months after the flooding began. There are lots of children who are not enjoying all of their rights.

With the help of P6/7 we . . . → Read More: RRS Assembly and Workshop (23rd Feb 2011)

P6/7 Blog

It has been a while since we posted!  Here is an update of some of the activities we have been involved in over the last couple of  months.

1.  Those who had been reading ‘Stig of the Dump’ designed and created an outfit (for Stig) out of redundant materials from home.  I’m sure you will agree they are very creative.

Outfit for Stig of the Dump . . . → Read More: P6/7 Blog

Rights Respecting Assembly 26th January 2011

This Wednesday we had a very successful assembly and workshop session. We were learning about articles 7 and 8 in the UNCRC (or big list of rights).

The P6/7s once again took a leading role and taught the younger pupils about their right to have a name and nationality. The P6/7s were learning to praise the younger children and provide encouragement for them. All the classes peer assessed them to . . . → Read More: Rights Respecting Assembly 26th January 2011

Rights Respecting Rosewell Newsletter

Primary 6/7 have written a Rights Respecting Schools Newsletter which will be coming home very soon! They have also written about what we have been doing since August, please read all about it below:

What have we been doing?

The Primary 6/7’s have been leading the Rights Respecting Schools Assemblies with help from Miss Milne. We have being doing lots of workshops.

Workshop 1

The first . . . → Read More: Rights Respecting Rosewell Newsletter

Rights Respecting Primary 2

P2 know all about their rights and responsibilities.

Rights Respecting Primary 2

Primary 2 have worked together to create their own Classroom Charter. They looked at every right in the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) and chose the ones that they felt were particularly relevant to their class. There was much discussion about what kind of reponsibilites we all have to make sure others can enjoy their rights.  The children then designed what they would like the display to look like . . . → Read More: Rights Respecting Primary 2

Rights Respecting Rosewell Birthday Party!

Today was a VERY exciting day at Rosewell. We were celebrating the UNCRC 21st brithday and voting in a right blether.

This morning we were all effective contributors as we helped to decorate the hall with ‘rights bunting’ in preparation for the birthday party.

We then all took part in voting under four categories; where we learn, our home, our community and our country. We were voting about which rights . . . → Read More: Rights Respecting Rosewell Birthday Party!