A change in Scottish Law 7.11.20

Smacking Ban
The law on all forms of physical punishment of children in Scotland changed on 7 November 2020. From this date all forms of physical punishment of children became against the law in Scotland. Scotland is the first part of the UK to ban the smacking of children.
This change in the law is about making things better for children in Scotland.

A Message From Executive Director Children, Young People and Partnerships

Friday 30 October 2020


Dear Parent/Carer

We are delighted our schools are open, allowing children the chance to continue their education and meet up with friends in a safe environment.

We have already seen some changes in the national guidance all schools in Scotland are following, and we will see further change from Monday 2 November.

As you will likely be aware, the Scottish Government is placing each local authority area within new framework Levels from 0 to 4.  At each level, different steps are taken to limit the spread of coronavirus.  This includes some changes in schools.

Midlothian has been placed in Level 3, and as from Monday 2 November, the following changes will apply:

  • all staff and pupils should wear a face covering in classrooms during lessons in the senior phase (S4-6)
  • parents or guardians should discuss with their GP or clinician whether children with the highest clinical risk (shielding) should still attend
  • Face coverings should be worn by parents and other visitors to the school (whether entering the building or otherwise), including parents at drop-off and pick-up

All schools will review the existing measures they have in place to reduce the spread of coronavirus, and remind all pupils of the importance of complying with these measures.

Please help us reduce the risk to all pupils and their families by encouraging your child(ren) to follow all the instructions they are given to maintain their health, safety and wellbeing. Many thanks for your co-operation.


Best wishes,


Fiona Robertson
Executive Director Children, Young People and Partnerships